Unable to participate themselves, this blog seeks to keep updated the Weak and Far-flung about ongoings in the local cycling community.

The Weak (left) is a self-professed world-famous chef and cyclist who formerly participated in both national and international road races. Nowadays, while claiming to ride many miles each week on the levee, he hasn't been seen west of the Huey P. Long Bridge in years. Judging by his continual requests for detailed descriptions of what occurs during training rides and races, it is widely thought that his real participation in cycling in recent years has been purely vicarious.

The Far-flung (right) has recently come to the realization that he is aging out of the fastest local training rides, so in a wholly irrational denial of his age and deteriorating level of fitness, he uprooted his saintly, understanding spouse and moved to the mountains, hoping to simulate the wind-in-face feel of a fast ride using skis and the physical properties of gravity rather than his bike.

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